lördag 8 juli 2017


So, I'm in France on vacation! We're staying at a friend's house in Seillans and so far it's amazing. We got here late last night and today we've been at the market and bought tapenade and olives, bought some groceries at the local supermarket, swam around in the pool and read books in the sun. Now we're gonna drink some wine and eat cheese until we pass out.

torsdag 29 juni 2017

Off-White and black

Knit whyred, necklace Weekday, jacket Monki, skirt and stockings H&M, shoes Acne Studios, bag Louis Vuitton

Long time no see. I'm trying my best to get back on track here, we'll see how it goes. Yesterday I cut my hair. I was feeling inspired by Alexa Chung and Brigitte Bardot and ended up with this long fringe. I have a tendency to cut bangs and then regret it instantly - I haven't decided whether I like it or not yet, but at least I'm not regretting it. Yet. 

tisdag 30 maj 2017

Home details

As I've mentioned before, I'm addicted to cut flowers. Today I bought some peonies, babies breath and a another pink one that I'm not sure what it's called. I also snuck outside my apartment and stole a few lilacs. Am I the only one who can't get enough of their smell? I wish I had a lilac-perfume. Anywho, here are a few quick snaps of my apartment. I'm still trying to decide how I want it to look, but I think I'm starting to find some sort of style at least. Keywords right now are: gray, blue, green, linen, marble, gold, brown/earthy tones, lots of plants and contrasts. Well we how long that lasts. 

måndag 29 maj 2017

Island getaway and flea market

Summer came early, at least for a few days. I spent them hanging out in the sun, eating good food and relaxing. Me, Jakob and Jason went out to Brännö (a small island outside of Gothenburg that is BEAUTIFUL) and sat on the rocks all day and topped it of with some shrimp and salmon tacos at Varvet. The day after me and a few friends sold a shitload of clothes at Majornaloppisen. Always nice with some extra cash for my vacation - I'm going to France in just a few weeks. Yay!

torsdag 18 maj 2017

Bad pizza good company

After work today I met up with some friends at an event at Nudie. Unfortunately the beer was all out by the time I got there, so we walked to tredje långgatan and had pizza at brewers. The pizza was really bad though - cold and too expensive, and we got the wrong pizza and an empty pepper grinder when we asked for salt and pepper. Will not go there again, at least not for food.