lördag 29 april 2017

Everyday snapshots

Here are some pictures of what I've been doing lately, apart from being sick (hence the break from the blog). 

1. Had avocado sanwitches and cakes at Café Magasinet. 2. Hung out with Ebba and Hagge on my day off while Ebba had lunch, soaked up some sun. 3. Took some polaroids at Magasinet on an after work. 4. Hung out with Ebba and Ida at Magasinet before the Grandpa-event. Matilda was there too but she kept out of the picture. 5. Had sushi and beer with Ellie on a super windy day. Our beers almost flew away. 6. Celebrated Lee's 25:th birthday!! 7. Ate a donut in my new suit from Acne Studios. 8+9. Happy and drunk on our way from Magasinet to the Grandpa-event! Järntorget is full of cherry blossoms, so pretty. 

Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Scarf Gant Rugger, ring Cornelia Webb

On Thursday evening me and some friends went to an event at the store Grandpa who was showing of Gant Ruggers new collection. I'm not very familiar with Gant and I usually don't bother looking them up since they're not really my style, but their slightly more youthful and playful underline Rugger is actually pretty nice. We had a blast drinking wine and looking at all the pretty things in the store, and me and my friend Ebba both bought the same ring from Cornelia Webb. We also each got the fantastic blue scarf with lemons on it from Gant Rugger as an extra bonus - thank you Grandpa!

onsdag 26 april 2017

Green jacket

Top and green jacket Weekday, jeans and belt H&M, scarf and jacket Acne Studios, shoes Zara, bag Alexander Wang.

torsdag 13 april 2017

Penis shirt

Shirt, knit, shoes, jacket and hat Acne Studios; belt and bag H&M; pants Weekday

This is my favourite shirt of all times. Period. From a far it looks like flowers, but when you get close you see what it actually is - penises. Just a lot of penises. And butts. And boobs. And a few cherries and lipsticks. Yaaaassssss. 

On my mind

Shoes Dior, dress and earrings H&M, sweatshirt Ann-Sofie Back, bag Gucci.

I've been obsessing over both this bag and these shoes for a while now. If only one were rich. 

måndag 10 april 2017


Shirt and heels Acne Studios, jeans H&M. Earrings from H&M, rings Acne Studios and Bjørg. 

Sunday pizza

I've been working the whole weekend, and after Sunday's shift me and Jakob decided that pizza and video games was a great idea. We stayed up playing until 01:30, haha. Today is my day off and I have no plans so far. We'll see what happens.